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Benefits of Food Safety ISO 22000


ISO 22000 was established for a reason, and it is that reason that we will break down into the benefits that your organization or business stand to gain for implementing these international standards. It also benefits the general public that uses food products. From its very core, ISO 22000 was established to provide safety for all the food products that we use almost daily.

These standards were set mainly with the end consumers in mind, but things have taken another dimension as more and more people are becoming aware of the need to buy food from only the certified suppliers. This has rendered many businesses that are yet to comply with the standards less competitive in the global market.

If you comply and consequently get Food Safety ISO 22000 certification, then you and your organization can enjoy from the following benefits:

This is derived from the main reason why ISO 22000 was established. There was a need to have regulations that protect the public from the dangers of food contamination. Now, consumers or any other person that can get direct contact with the food are safe if they considered certified companies and businesses. There are many certified suppliers in the United States that we encourage you to buy from for your safety and safety of everyone around you.

What is more satisfying than the fact that your customers know they are doing business with a certified partner? It is one of the ways of meeting your customers’ expectations as almost everyone is now expecting that your company or business is already certified since ISO 22000:2005 has been with us for long enough.

Many of the food regulatory requirements by the state governments are derived from ISO 22000 standards or any other related international standards such as Hazard Analysis for Critical Control Point (HACCP). This implies that complying with these stands automatically makes you compliant with your regulatory requirements. You will never have to clash with your local governments over non-compliance

ISO 22000 recommends some documentation and communication standards that your organization has to meet before implementing Food Safety Management System (FSMS). These 1documentaion and communication standards enhance transparency within the organization as everything can be traced when needed for auditing or any other purposes. This in itself is a powerful tool that can be exploited for better productivity as transparency within an organization come with many benefits that can be exploited.

The best weapon to use in risk management is by first expecting it and then get ready for it knowing that it will finally come to be. You can better fight a war that you are well-prepared for than that which finds you unaware. You are likely to win or even stop the risks from becoming a real problem to your organization. All these are outlined in the ISO 22000 standard. So, apart from just being an international standard for enhancing food safety, it helps you in managing food-related risks.

Food contamination can still occur. When that happens, you will be a better position to use the right approach to know the cause and/or recall the products that you feel are affected by that problem. With an effective FSMS, you can solve any food-related issues within the shortest time possible before causing reputational damage. That is because of the proper documentation and record-keeping strategies outlined by the ISO 22000.

Comply with other standards

ISO 22000 borrows many things from other International standards. These include HACCP, ISO 9001, etc. If any of these standards apply to you, then you can be sure to kill two birds with just one stone. You will not have to implement both as your organization will automatically conform with the other ones. You may only be required to make just a few adjustments to fully comply.

Many different international standards have different benefits that come with them. However, ISO 22000 is still superior to them when you have to compare their advantages. It provides many more advantages over all others, which include the following:

Consistent Structure

ISO 22000 uses the same high-level structure that ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 41001 use. It is designed to easily and seamlessly integrate with all these standards. So, you will not have to go through the processes of restructuring everything that you had already done if you already comply with any of the mentioned standards.

Global Recognition

Since ISO 22000 solves an immediate problem that affects people globally, its certification will readily grant you a global presence in the market. If you are planning to increase your footprints in the global market, then you only have to get Food safety ISO 22000 certification to add to your company or business’s reputation. You will easily get identified by the suppliers, investors, customers, regulatory bodies, and many other business partners.

More business opportunity

Since ISO 22000 certification opens a global market for you, you will definitely have more access to business opportunities. You can now be supplied with food products from suppliers who are demanding for this certification without you having to prove for compliance through any other means. Your food products will also be able to get to the consumers quicker as many distributors also prefer the certification.

How the Standard Works?

You may have been pleased with many benefits that come with compliance and certification for ISO 22000 discussed above. As a result, you feel like you want to know more about how this standard works. We could have told you more, but we have limited time. However, you should not worry as ISO-Pros is an accredited third-party organization with professionals to address any query that you have on ISO 22000 or any other ISO standards.

We also offer certification services at affordable prices that we know might interest you. Just proceed and give us a call to get any of our services that are designed to meet your specific requirements.