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We are very passionate about how we handle all our clients. When you have decided that your organization should get ISO 22000 certification or any other ISO certification that we cover, then nothing should stop you. These standards are for you and all those are involved in the food industry for the case of ISO 22000.

Getting to know what the service that you requesting will cost is your right that no one should take away from you. Some people charge small fees for letting you know the quote, but that is not the case with us. We provide everything free of charge and instantly. You only need to specify the services that you need regarding ISO 22000 and we will deliver it to you at the best price that can be compared to none.



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ISO-Pros is delighted to inform you that we are a trusted company for the following services:

ISO 22000 certification – As you might have heard from your friends, colleagues, or relatives, ISO does not offer certification services. It is done by the accredited third-party. We are the accredited third party that you are looking for. Apart from just getting a free instant quote, you can proceed to place your order for certification with us.

ISO 22000 training – Training is essential for you and your organization to get to understand the various requirements and framework of ISO 22000. It is also important that you get that training from experts that work with an accredited body. We have experienced people that you can rely on to know everything about this standard.

ISO 22000 consultation – Some issues can keep coming even when you think everything is working out fine. This is where the consultation services that we offer becomes handy. You at least need a reference point for the problems or difficulties that you are facing during the implementation and maintenance of the Food Safety Management System (FSMS).

What is the cost of ISO 2200 certification?

The cost of getting certification for this standard is relative. It depends on the size of your organization, and that is why we cannot commit ourselves to actual figures. There are just lots of things that are also considered to get hold of that certificate. It might seem costly and a time-consuming process, but it is worth it.

Also, the cost of certifying your organization or business in the food sector will greatly depend on the number of rounds of audits done to get the certificate. Remember that the auditing on itself can be very expensive. However, that should not worry you if you have chosen ISO Pros. All our services are affordable and tailored to meet the clients’ interests.

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You have all the reasons to source all the services that you need from us. We give you the real value for your money, whether you have chosen certification, training, or consultation. Our commitment to meet our customers’ expectations is of another level. Contact us for a satisfaction guarantee.